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Our services are listed by catorgary.  Some members fall into multiple categories,  please choose which area of expertise you are interested in and you will find a list of professionals who can service your needs

Joining BCCA is easy and can be very beneficial to your business.  Our meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of every month unless a holiday falls on that day.

Membership Services

Bluegrass Continuity of Care Association (BCCA) is a group of professionals concerned with the quality of care given to the elderly or disabled in our community.

We have found that their well-being depends on a multi-dimensional plan of taking care of the needs of both the patient and of the care giver to maintain a valued quality of life for both.

At BCCA we come together from different areas of concern from health and wellness management and daily living to the legal and financial management for the future of the client and care giver. Each of our members represents important factors that should be considered for service or information sharing between different providers and families.

Each of our members is listed here to help you easily find the information you need connected to their services.

We invite you to contact them today.



At BCCA we are committed to providing you with the best possible resources and support. Here you will find details and booking information for events taking place in 2017.

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